Easy and quick cut dulce de leche recipe

Easy and quick cut dulce de leche recipe

Do you also love dulce de leche? Then you will love our recipe today, as we will teach you how to make a sweet milk cut that is soft on the inside and reminiscent of those square candies that we loved when we were kids!

With just 3 ingredients, this candy recipe is super easy and is ready in 20 minutes plus the time it takes to cool down completely - this will be the hardest part!

Check out the step-by-step photos of this sweet dulce de leche here at TudoReceitas and prepare it right away!

Ingredients to make quick and easy to cut dulce de leche:

 ½ cup of whole milk

 ½ cup of condensed milk (120 grams)

 ½ cup of sugar (80 grams)

 butter to grease the platter

How to make quick and easy milk dipping:

Separate the ingredients of your dulce de leche which, as mentioned above, are only 3: whole milk, condensed milk and sugar.

Prepare a platter by greasing the bottom with a little butter.

Place all the dulce de leche ingredients in a saucepan and mix well.

Place over low heat and keep stirring. During cooking your jam will go through 3 phases: in the first, it will be very liquid. In the second, it will boil.

On the third, it will start to loosen from the bottom of the pan. Now just let it cook for another 5 minutes if you want a very soft dulce de leche inside. If you want it harder and dry, let it cook for another 10 minutes.

Pour the dulce de leche into the buttered dish and let it cool completely.

Finally, cut the pieces to the size you want and, if it is as soft as ours, finish shaping each dulce de leche with your hands.

This homemade sweet with childhood taste will form a crunchy cone on the outside and will be very soft on the inside!

Your cut milk candy is ready! A delicious sweet made with few ingredients and always makes success in dessert. Enjoy your food!

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